Team Building
Team Building

We help leadership teams improve their effectiveness and capacity to execute against business strategy. High performing teams fully share and stand behind key business goals and values, actively engage in understanding other team members' styles, are devoted to improving team interaction, and measure how the team is operating on an ongoing basis.


We first conduct interviews of the team, the leader, and key stakeholders to uncover gaps in perspective regarding business goals, to learn what's "getting in the way," and to understand each individual's operating style. We might use a team 360 feedback tool as well as style assessments to supplement qualitative results from the interviews. We often attend the team's y meetings, as well. After meeting with the team leader, we conduct a session with the group to share the feedback, agree on key priorities, and develop an action plan, as well as spend time with each individual to discuss his or her feedback. These sessions are dynamic and provide the opportunity to share ideas on team effectiveness and promote individual self-awareness. Post-session, we spend time coaching each individual and ensure ongoing communication with the team leader. On an ongoing basis, we help the group measure progress, consider new business and organizational challenges, and adjust the action plan accordingly.


We work with teams with a variety of needs:

  • Newly formed teams or teams with new members that need to understand each member's style and motivation
  • Teams that are addressing new business challenges and changes
  • Teams that are struggling to operate in a cohesive, interconnected way
  • Teams of start up companies who need to make significant decisions regarding the institutionalizing of values into the culture
  • Improved clarity regarding business strategy and execution tactics
  • Enable teams to constructively address conflicts and disagreements
  • Allow individuals to gain self-awareness and the skills needed to "flex" to others' styles
  • Improved group and business performance

Our Services:


"Under Hilary Pearl's insightful, careful, and thorough guidance, I was given the tools to fine-tune my leadership style … and rethink my team's goals … today my group is more productive and efficient, while still maintaining the creativity and flexibility that are critical for the department."

Rebecca B., VP, major publishing company

Pearl Associates consultants have certification in individual assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Hogan Suite of Assessments, the Hay's Group Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI) and others. Our firm also offers a proprietary online leadership 360 which is fully customizable.
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