Talent Management: Building Bench Strength
Talent Management

We are skilled in helping organizations design competency-based human resources planning systems of all levels of complexity.


We tailor our work to the business, culture, and objectives of the organization. Depending on the situation, we might first conduct an assessment of the current human resources systems and processes, via interviews and/or surveys. Based on this feedback, we recommend an action plan to make changes or add enhancements to aspects of the processes under discussion.


Our clients range from small start-ups with no human resources function to multinational corporations with comprehensive bench assessment, talent assessment, succession and development planning processes and systems. We have also helped successful start-ups become larger, more complex organizations, and have assisted them in creating value-adding human resources functions.

At a $2 billion dollar company with minimal human resources planning or development systems, we pioneered a streamlined organization review that included:

  • Individual business reviews with examination of goals, resource allocation, accountabilities, human resource structure, and systems
  • Definition of high, moderate, and low performers
  • High potential bench assessment for key jobs, i.e. who will be ready when

In a $10 billion dollar global retail organization, we assisted with competency development targeted at key issues defined by senior management, followed by 360 feedback for top executives across numerous cultures and countries to develop management skills critical for business success.

  • Define expectations for senior leaders—what they need to be good at to be successful
  • Create a development-oriented culture
  • Understand bench strength for key positions over a short and longer time period
  • Agree on a list of high potential talent to invest in and develop
  • Create competencies to assess individual talent in the organization
  • Help to identify key developmental moves and career paths for individuals
  • Ensure that all human resources systems to leverage key competencies important to the company

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"Hilary Pearl is able to coordinate her tactics and tools to adjust to the various levels of managers and various skill sets within our organization so that we move forward with concerted, well organized and successful strategies."

Nelson H., VP, global publishing, entertainment and media firm