Skill Building Workshops
Skill Building Workshops

All of our workshops are

  • highly interactive in nature
  • research based
  • exciting skill building and learning opportunities
  • built on participant experiences and feedback
  • fun!
We are constantly designing new workshops based on the changing needs of the business environment and our individual clients. We tailor program content and design to your unique needs.

The following workshops focus on communication skills, leadership development and managing organizational change.

Workshop Descriptions:

Regaining Credibility and Trust—How to Lead Through Employee Engagement

The erosion of employee trust during this economic tornado directly impacts the return to shareholders. Research shows that companies with high employee trust outperform low trust companies by 168%. This workshop identifies the factors that develop and maintain trust. Leaders will practice these trust building skills and receive feedback from their peers. They will develop a preliminary plan for their work environment to nurture skills that build trust. Your organization will be prepared for the future—with a talent base of motivated employees and key leaders to drive success.

* * *

Leveraging Control in the Workplace—How to Manage Reactions and Conflict through More Effective Communication

During stressful times, as in the present economic climate, our brains do not function at the level we would like. Stress actually takes up brain space, squishing our normally intelligent heads, causing us to respond in a less than sensible and logical manner. By managing our reactions, we can dramatically enhance our success in any situation, including intense pressure. This workshop is based on research that shows we need to practice in mock stressful situations. This is one of the few methods that builds our ability to call on our intellect when solving problems. The result is productive communication and win-win solutions that leave all parties with a sense of accomplishment both personally and for the business.

* * *

Enhance your Impact on the Bottom line—Build your Brand for Better Buzz

The expectation today is that workers entering the job market will have to learn to "reinvent themselves" at least four times. As businesses continue to adjust and opportunity arises, businesses need to be able to identify the value an individual can contribute. This workshop focuses on how to manage an individual's evolving "brand" and match it to changing business needs. Individuals will learn how to brand themselves with consistency, ensuring that actions and behaviors demonstrate the strength the individual can offer to the organization.

* * *

Leading Teams in Leaner Times

Today's teams are smaller, more physically separated and have a lot more responsibilities, yet the leader's span of control is increasing. How does a leader tackle the job of motivating, inspiring and directing teams when resources are tight? This workshop teaches the practical skills and strategies team leaders can employ--different communications options, tools to build empowerment and engagement and team building approaches. Participants will learn how to identify styles and needs of individual team members and build the ability of the team to work together for stronger results. Participants will leave with a team action plan to apply--with their group's involvement--back on the job. Assessment tools such as the Myers-Briggs instrument and Team 360 degree feedback can be utilized.

* * *

Key4 Sales—Building Client Relationships for Better Results

Salespeople's ability to demonstrate an understanding of their client's needs is the number one predictor of their success. This happens through a combination of four skills sets: interpersonal skills, communication skills, presentation skills and problem-solving skills. This course helps salespeople to identify their strengths and develop the key skill areas that will enhance their success on the job. The workshop involves practice in each core area, using video as an additional feedback tool.

* * *

Leading for Sales Development—Coaching for Success

There is only one way to change results--change the thoughts and behaviors that lead to the results. Leaders learn to deliver feedback to their salespeople in a way that enhances success, by identifying and focusing on key behaviors -- behaviors to save, behaviors to change and new behaviors to add. When the feedback is developmental, salespeople can hear it and incorporate the new skills into their sales process. This yields stronger and more open communication between leaders and their salespeople, which in turn builds trust, client relationships and more new business.

* * *

Conflict Resolution—How to Disagree with your Boss and Not Get Fired

Conflict is a natural part of idea evaluation. Building product and service innovations in an organization requires the creative blending of diverse opinions and ideas to come up with effective solutions. Yet the emotion that attaches to conflict often delays progress. This workshop teaches a process that allows different opinions to be heard and objectively evaluated while maintaining a steady and healthy momentum towards solution. A 360 degree feedback tool on conflict management can be incorporated into the program.

* * *

Presentation Skills—Speak as Well as you Think

Since more than 90 percent of a communicated message can come from physical and tonal qualities, it is important that executives know how to use their physical self to support their presentations. Participants will learn to channel their nervous energy in a positive way that accentuates their message. Practice sessions will be video-taped to create the strongest learning experience. Feedback will come from both peers and facilitators, and habits that don't work will be replaced with powerful communication skills.

* * *

Negotiation Skills

When two people enter into a workplace negotiation, they are ideally working toward a common goal. But are they? The tactics people sometimes employ to win can be divisive and destructive. Regardless of the relationship—peer, boss, staff member, or customer—the skill of effective negotiation can have major payoff for the business. As an example, because it is much less expensive to further service an existing client than to solicit a new one, it makes sense to negotiate in a way that further strengthens the relationship. This workshop helps participants identify when negotiation is called for. Then, it introduces the planning and interactive skills and methods necessary for both parties to come to a constructive agreement, leaving the relationship intact and the negotiators moving ahead in a positive direction.

* * *

Facilitation for Success—Run a Meeting so Well your Participants Will Applaud

Have you ever asked someone what they do all day and gotten this response? "Nothing, I've been in meetings all day." Most of us spend a minimum of 30 percent of our time in meetings-- time that could be much more productive with some process adjustments. Success in a meeting starts well before the meeting--in the planning process. This course lays out the steps to prepare for and facilitate a meeting to accomplish a specific outcome. Participants will be recorded in their practices of meeting facilitation and will receive instant feedback from their peers.

* * *

Network for Career Success—Making your Business Network Work for you

The ability to understand and utilize business relationships enhances not only the individual, but the organization that employs the gifted networker. People with effective networks know how to get things done in a faster, more efficient way than others. This course looks at networking from a very different perspective—understanding what an individual has to give and connecting that with the people who need it is the first step in building a strong network. This course allows participants to identify all the variables in the networking process, assess the strength and depth of their networks, and put together a personal development strategy to enhance their communication methods and management of business relationships.

* * *

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