Organizational Consulting: Transforming Organizations
Organizational Consulting


In our work, we help leaders consider the extent to which organization structure, resource allocation, staffing, and systems help to drive business results. We start with business needs, goals, and trends; assess the current state; and define a future state for the organization and the action steps required to get there. Often the organization is in transformation, somewhere along the way to that future state. An overall plan with a series of phases and specific action steps makes major change more manageable and easier to communicate to senior leaders and the organization as a whole.


A project might include the following steps:

  • An organization assessment, including interviews of team members and peer groups and/or a climate/engagement survey regarding where things are today and where they need to be
  • Envisioning the future state, identifying gaps, and creating an action plan
  • Defining the internal requirements needed to drive business goals
  • Alignment of Human Resources to business strategies
  • Definition of the leadership qualities needed to get results…"What does our staff need to be good at?"
  • Building Human Resources infrastructure and processes
  • Development of a phased plan designed to segment major change into actionable steps
  • Communication at key points with senior staff to gain input and commitment
  • Communication with the CEO and senior management
  • Checkpoints to determine progress toward goals


Depending on the nature of the business and culture, benefits may include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Realignment of resources to address business changes and needs
  • Identification of a change management plan to help the organization move carefully through large scale transitions
  • Clarity of mission and goals for the organization
  • Senior management buy-in to change
  • Communication of key behaviors required for success

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"Pearl Associates helped us transition to a feedback-focused development culture, by implementing a 360 process highlighting trust and integrity, results orientation, strategic thinking, communication, and hard and soft leadership skills. These are key values of our company and, I believe, fundamental to our success..."

RJF, Managing Director, global retailer