Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching

Our approach is customized to the unique needs of the executive and team. We work with the client to first identify goals for the coaching and then to develop business-focused developmental action plans, sometimes in phases.

We begin at the beginning—with the goals and values of the organization and the executive's division or function. Performance and individual data is collected from the company, including performance assessments and available human resources planning data, and we often conduct interviews of the boss, individual, staff and peers, as appropriate.

Different methods of observation and feedback, such as shadowing, 360 degree surveys, and situational videotaping, might be employed to heighten awareness of the individual's leadership and management style. These different feedback vehicles serve as a mirror for the individual, to see him or herself as others do, and to increase the motivation to change.


We provide practical, business-focused coaching for multi-national executives, including:

  • High potential leaders moving up the ladder
  • Leaders who need to be reinvigorated and approach problems with a new perspective
  • Executives who need support to make difficult but necessary organizational changes
  • Executives who can benefit from enhanced self-awareness in order to have a greater positive impact on the business
  • Managers who need to develop more effective communication and managing people skills, including managing down, sideways, and up
  • Individuals in, or about to be promoted to, stretch assignments and new positions with increased responsibility or unfamiliar accountabilities
  • New hires needing accelerated assimilation
  • Leadership teams that can benefit from the facilitation of an objective outsider


  • Obtain a more accurate picture of how one is perceived, in terms of both strengths and development needs
  • Increase confidence to make tough decisions and changes
  • Gain specific tools to employ on a day-to-day basis to improve style and skills
  • Create explicit action plans to drive the organization and business and leverage talent
  • Increase motivation to change behavior
  • Develop a more effective leadership style within the context of an organization's unique culture
  • Understand the importance of managing up and managing perceptions
  • Improve broad-scale and situational communications
  • Improve organizational performance
  • Increase personal credibility and standing within the organization

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"Hilary is an amazing coach. She manages to be both candid and supportive and is very insightful. I attribute much of the recent success I have had as a leader and manager to her targeted, practical coaching advice and counsel."

Jack C., SVP, global consumer products company

Pearl Associates consultants have certification in individual assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Hogan Suite of Assessments, the Hay's Group Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI) and others. Our firm also offers a proprietary online leadership 360 which is fully customizable.
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