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Hilary Pearl has more than 20 years of experience enhancing the performance of individual executives, teams and organizations. Her experience encompasses a wide range of programs and initiatives for leadership development, change management, organization design, team building, executive coaching, human resource planning, 360 feedback, and facilitation.

She has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Masters in Communication from Boston University. Her practical approach to leadership and organization issues was developed during her 10 years at PepsiCo, Inc., where Hilary served as Director of Human Resource Development, directing the human resources development organization, including training, human resources planning, and executive development and succession. She and her staff were integrally involved in organization-wide change in Pepsi-Cola Company, including increasing the focus on customer service and the front-line salesperson, diversity, and enhancements to the culture. Prior to this role, she served as Manager of Training as well as Director of Staffing, attracting top talent at senior levels of the organization.

Prior to her time with Pepsi, Hilary worked in both publishing and advertising and was the head of Editorial, Design and Production as well as a Group Product Manager at The Forum Corporation, a sales training and human resources consulting firm. As Group Product Manager, she led the sales, management and delivery of executive training programs and culture management/climate survey tools for a wide client base.

As a founder and partner in Pearl Associates, she assists private-sector clients in improving individual, team, and organizational performance through human resources planning systems, organization development, executive development, and individual coaching of senior executives. At a $10 billion global retail company, Hilary provided 360 degree feedback to the top management team, a cross-cultural group of Americans, British, Chinese and Hong Kong Chinese, as part of an organization- wide leadership development effort.

Hilary has worked extensively as an executive coach, helping senior leaders align and upgrade their structure, staff, and systems to achieve desired business results and to improve the management and personal behaviors that drive individual effectiveness and performance. Hilary uses a variety of tools, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Lominger International’s competencies and Leadership Architect tools, customized proprietary individual and team 360s and organizational surveys. In the nonprofit sector, she has spearheaded strategic change in compensation and benefits systems to maintain client competitiveness in recruitment and retention, designed and implemented Board evaluation systems to improve Board effectiveness, helped to improve recruitment practices to enhance Board leadership quality and bench, and coached chief executive officers of non-profit firms.

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"Hilary understands clearly our business objectives and the goals we need to reach and is able to train, coach and motivate our management team and staff to work together effectively and achieve positive results."

Judy N., SVP, leading global publishing, entertainment, and media company